Venture Roastery

Venture Roastery is the coffee roasting branch of Venture Coffee Company. Our goal is promote the Philippine Coffee Industry but also highlight amazing coffees from around the world.

Our vision is have a conscious company to benefit coffee farmers.

Venture Coffee Company and Venture Roastery strives to create a community based culture around specialty coffee.

● Help to develop specialty coffee.
● Provide the US Market with specialty grade Philippine Coffee.
● Tell the story of the coffee farmer/producer.
● Work towards gender equity.

Our coffee journey began years ago by creating an import company. Working directly with the farmers in the Philippines open our eyes to the benefits of specialty coffee. This lead us to create a unique Roastery focused on micro lot coffees from around the globe. Thank you for assisting us in promoting small coffee farmers. -Michael, Owner

To learn more about Philippine Coffee listen to a podcast we did with Ron from Teofilo Coffee Company.

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